Starbucs kidroom

So here I am, in the rain, down the block, in the starbucks on 93rd and Broadway. (Broadway and 93rd.) I am using the free trial of T-Mobile HotSpot, which works quite excellently. I will probably need to put on headphones in a minute or two. Two teachers are discussing their social life next to me and a mother is completely overwhelmed by her little tantrum driven babyboy. She is feeding him another muffin, so there is definitely more to come. Kid is definitely high on sugar and just keeps hitting her, as she keeps asking him what he would like. I am afraid of the time when this little guy will grow up to be a spoiled expecting young man. Scary thought indeed. Oh, and the music is just a mixture of copyright free something loud. Hmm... Maybe it is just time to get a coffee and feel good...
Mother:“Pasta and chicken, pasta and chicken... zzzzzzzz zzz zzzzz”.

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