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It just happened out of nowhere yesterday. I was not able to access the Movable Type system of this site. This had not much to do with the Movable Type system itself, which is truly fantastic, but with the unannounced move of my Host servers from Florida to Texas. My site suddenly had a different IP address and certain components of the site just stopped communicating with each other properly. Everything seemed to be here, the site looked as if it were alive, but I had no way of adding, removing or editing anything on the site. I am not really an expert with the backend of my site and so I was pretty much in trouble. It was Ben Trott, the man who wrote the Movable Type system himself (Mena G. Trott being his partner in crime) who came to my rescue (again.) Ben somehow found the time to dive into my new server and fix all the things that went broken during the move across several states. (Thank you again, Ben!)
I will now need to catch up with some of the posts. We also have some lost comments, which I will now try to fish out from the other server in Florida. Wild virtual adventures.

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Sounds like it's time to ask for a credit from your hosting provider. They could have at least given you fair warning that the move was coming up. What if you were running business functions on their boxes?

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