a sweet trip


As I was clicking my way through the always beautiful lifeuncommon.org (Check out also the Homemade Autumn Desktops), where I came across a link to the Textism site by Dean Allen (Who looks as if he were a young president.) And there, on the homepage, below the fold were two really sweet little images. One image was of Oliver, the other of a quite beautiful little Grocery List. So glad there are these little wonderful corners out there.


he often has beautiful little images and writes some great little apps as well. there's a great little story currently on the homepage about a winemaker in pompignan, noel as well as a few nice images under "hauling in the wine".

love what you've done with this site in the last week, by the way ...

ah, but if you liked just one photo of Oliver, you must go here:
and look at the rest of the rest of the Oliver photos... the rest of his images are really amazing, too.

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