Vern Yip, 33

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Many visitors to this site come here because of a tiny post I once wrote about “Trading Spaces”. My favorite designer on the show is, hands down, Vern Yip (I am, however, not a member of his yahoo fanclub.)
There is a major article about Vern in the House and Garden section of the New York Times this morning. Looks like he is a very popular designer among those who are able to pay more than the $1000 price ticket on Trading Spaces. (Apparently much more.) He is good, isn’t he... and yet "Not Quite as Seen on TV" (He is supposedly really, really anal... but we knew that.)
Extra message to Vern. Please get a computer desk. (there is a photograph of Vern, which did not make it to the online edition, showing him in a very unhealthy pose, typing on his vaio.)

1 Comment

My wife loves Trading Spaces! And Vern is one of her faves. She is also a major watcher of the British version "trading rooms"? and Ground Force. How about that?

And your DNS transfer seems complete now, good job!

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