Good morning guardian angel


i was getting toilet paper from the supermarket... where else would i go out to get toilet paper this late at night?...
As i was returning, on the corner of 96th and broadway ... screeching breaks... HIT i turn around and about 10 yards behind me, maybe less a Ford Explorer, a large SUV flies through the air and hits a phone booth with its roof. The driver climbed out of the window... The SUV seemed to be on fire at first, the entire area is now blocked off. There are four fire engines.
The ford was hit from the side by a “shelter express” delivery van. Firefighters are working on the SUV. The driver of the van is being taken out on a stretcher. Had I been on my way just 2 seconds later, I would now probably be dead now, Hit by a large flying Manhattan in the middle of the night...clutching to a 12 pack of toilet paper jumbo double rolls. (not the prettiest exit.)



take care, take very good care.

Hit by a flying Manhattan in the middle of the night...carrying toilet paper. Nah not a good exit. It wasn't meant to be. Glad you're still with us, keep safe.

I can just see all that toilet paper shooting through the air! seriously .... glad you are ok.

there are better ways to go, especially in NYC. Glad you are O.K.

next time use a phone book or news paper for toilet paper, no good can come of wandering the streets at 1 am.

stay safe.

shite man. close shave! glad you got out of it in 1 piece! seem to make something of a habit of close calls....

how in the world did that happen?

Wow Witold! Did this happen on your way home for work tonight (after we IM'd each other)? Glad you and the BWs are OK!!!!!!!!

You should carry the toilet paper on the street side of your body from now on. With a 12 pack of double rolls, you may have actually been protected. You never know when some crazy shit is gonna go down in this city.

One time when I was an inexperienced driver, maybe 18 years old or something, I was driving on the highway in Staten Island, and there was this car on my left as I exited to the right. Two lanes exited, so me and this other car were sort-of side by making a sweeping right turn which then curves around to the left. Midway through the right curve, the passenger of the other car, which had overtaken me by a few yards, threw a Snapple bottle cap out the window, but I didn't know it was a snapple bottle cap at the time. It flew right into my car and hit me right in the neck, smack on the Adams apple. I was shocked for a second, and swerved as I grabbed for my neck, just as the turn swept back to the left, and went up over the curb on the passenger side, at about 50 mph and smashed right into the railing, which was the only thing protecting me from falling off maybe a 25 foot drop. Then I swerved back onto the road and almost hit another car. Then I guess the guy saw what happened and drove away so fast I couldn't really catch up. Well, I wasn't really trying because I was so nervous that I was actually injured or the car was really fucked up. So I got off, sloooowwwwly, at the next exit, and checked myself and the car. The damage on the car was relatively minimal, and I was unscathed. Death by Snapple cap, almost. Pop-pop.

Anyway, if I would have had toilet paper as a shield on either my neck or the side of the car, there wouldn't have been a problem. So, I guess you lucked out. Keep up the good work.

By the way, who has room in there apartment for 12 rolls of double size toilet paper?!

Seriously though, people like you, "trouble magnets," need to be more careful.

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