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September 06, 2005
tue the crows just went insane about the pinkish color of the sky. the sound of syrens far away marked the arrival of a fresh batch of donuts. a grey cat named mona just kissed the ear of her currently still sleepy owner. the sun jumped from behind the horizon, adjusted all colors from dark orange to pink to everything goes and now the race is on, another day, a freshly opened tuesday, one still drenched in innocence, has begun. more and more eyes will open now and more and more thoughts will propel us towards the other side of the horizon and the crows will go back and the donuts will find their ways and the grey cat named mona will get some well deserved rest. and all this makes it easy to forget that there are other places much less fortunate. all at the same time. and the sun is so bright now and i can't stare it, i just have to run. (not away, just forward, okay?)