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December 23, 2004
When there is great happiness, some of the thoughts become just simple descriptions of silly little things. What does this all mean? The air conditioner keeps this windowless room on a bearable survival level. The air is being pumped in here to keep me alive and thinking. A now dirty imac is staring at me with some serious expectations. Have we met? Is there something you would like ot tell me? Would you like to tell me now? Isn't now the best time to tell me? I have seen a lot. But maybe you can show me something even more exciting? We are friends here. The phone, the mac, the round table. Okay, I actually had to adjust the positon of the electronic elements. The phone now sits in the center of the perfectly circular wooden pond, accompanied by a crumpled up tissue. The mouse lives there too. (Though speaking of a living computer mouse is clearly a bad joke.) The bottom rim of the mac is stopping me from typing in fortissimo. The air conditioner is much too loud to think. The air here takes center stage. Had to move the monitor a bit higher. I still type with six fingers. (Two hands.) Maybe dimming the lights would be a good idea. I could imagine being in a plane now, maybe on the way to Europe, maybe soon to be reunited with the family. Maybe for a day or two. Maybe that would be quite nice. It is not going to happen. Not this year. Next year... certainly. It should. It will happen. The Lebanese ladies from my special food shop will get me my favorite ham. (It is the Westfälischer Schinken.) Next week. I will probably be the only junkie asking for it, over and over again. So far, they have me hooked on other also exciting products. It is nice to walk into a store and to know that one will be able to choose something approximately... and that this wish will be complemented by a suggested item that will create a wonderful new harmony previously not expected. It is nice to be welcome. I feel welcome. The air conditioner blows. I want to take the train. I want to take the train now. I want to take the train now and stay in it for two stops beyond where I would usually get out. I think that would be the most wonderful thing to do now. The edge of the table is hurting my arms. It is cold in here. I will walk back to my place now. Why would a tiny room like this have such a powerful air blower in it? The phone has not moved a bit. The mouse has not moved either. The few pixels on the clock in the upper right corner of the screen are telling me that it is a bit later now. The sun might be out of sight very soon. It is not too cold out there. I will step out of here very soon. All will be good. Eventually it all will be. There is great happiness within every thought these days.