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December 20, 2004
five times seven... wait a second, so this is what just happened? Is this why the changes are so radical and why my world was just thrown around and upside down and finally onto its seven feet? Is this why it feels like hour zero, like the very first square, like the two first halves of a cell, like the three pieces that make a whole, like the first four seasons of the very first year, like the five fingers on the left hand, like the sixth floor, like... well yes, the seventh year, for the fifth time, here we go... never been here before, but it is very important that I made it. wow... it looks like the thing to scale this time is a mountain, a gigantic one, the one that really matters... but... it will be better than ever. Wow. how wonderful to imagine that things are going to turn into a reverse avalanche, as they have to, because it is time...