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November 25, 2004
The coldest turkey Happy Thanksgiving. It looks like I have managed to slice myself out of certain things. Long and painful preparation, fast execution. Cold turkey indeed. I will now begin with the thorough reboot process. Please be patient, as we verify all of the system components. There will be testing, there will be reconfiguration, there will be good old reattaching of severed limbs. I am currently in a place very familiar, still. My job now is to transform it into a place that does not contain traces of me. I will then take everything that I will collect here and reapply it into a masonry and wood cavity, several miles from here. I have seven days to complete this operation. I am about to go onto a very serious journey. There have been some very serious mistakes in the past. I have to now very much refocus energies, re-heal, re-activate, re-invent... Please wish me good luck. I really, really need it. This gives me some hope, and so does this. (And no, I do not think I have any deadly disease, except for life, of course... but that's just 100% deadly.)