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June 16, 2004
and... (live and yet recorded, as there might not even be such a thing as real time anyway?)

Tried to turn of the Air Conditioning for a while, just to listen to the silence of the valley and maybe sleep without any noise at all for a while. It felt nice for a few minutes, until my hearing became sharper and the other air conditioners from the other cabins became seemingly as loud as the one I had just turned off. Oh, and the heat crept into the room, slowly, and it began to choke me.
So now my own AC is going through its various sequences again, the sounds of compression and decompression are another reminder that this here is a very mild version of experiencing reality.
Adjusted reality makes it possible for me to be here, more than 2000 miles away from home, which in itself is thousands of miles away from where I was born.
I will need to remind myself of some of these things next time I complain about technology being too important perhaps?…
I tried to imagine the tank with the gasoline I burned with the car this past week. It was a rather big tank.
I should probably be sleeping now. I will be taking the redeye flight tomorrow… and there is a reason why it has this name… .

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