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December 25, 2003
all great.

“Hold on to your tickets folks, you won’t be needing them today.” and so it was a free ride, in a brand new train. It still had that brand new train smell.
The landscape outside was not really festive, there was no snow, only from time to time a blowup snowman waving his pumped up red white sugar cane… that’s it.
Merry Christmas.
Mothers tend to invent rules, I guess, just to keep their children somehow under control, we all know that we were not always just nice, right?
On Christmas eve, there would be no food all day, as my mother was preparing the traditional twelve meals (and wanted them to be eaten, I guess,) and so the rule she either passed on or invented, to keep things in good order was a very simple one: Whatever happens on Christmas Eve, will happen this way throughout the year. Now that’s a great recipe for a day of heightened awareness.
Did I brush my teeth? Did I find matching socks? Did I step out of bed with the right foot? Who did I speak to, what was it about? How kind was I to the world and how kind was it to me? Any pains? Surprises? Good? Bad?
This Christmas eve was a rather good, packed day, I managed to speak to some people who are very close to my heart. One of them told me (between the lines) to just not call, another one asked me some unanswerable questions. I drew about 12 drawings of various sizes, discovered a way of representing time in drawings, did not take a single photograph, I disappointed some good friends, I made some good friends maybe happy, the dinner was a really great one, had twelve+ dishes, I probably drank a sip too much, and… there was a constant pinpointed pain, in the neck (which made it somehow funny), preventing me from head turns and other natural things (much less funny.)
I would usually not write about such silly things as pains in the neck, but this time the feeling was so sharp that it made me wake up in the middle of the night. To make things more nightmarish, both of my arms decided to fall asleep (a first!) and so I woke up from some b-dream into a real pain nightmare, face down in a pillow, my neck hurting as if somebody were pushing a knife up my skull and both of my arms, limb, useless, yet hurting, next to me, not really mine, gone fishing… Not a very nice idea, now is it? Especially if one was told that this stuff is going to repeat all year… every night then? Will I really get just patches of sleep, peppered with some bad body experiences? Will I go insane?
Had some more, similar moments on the day of Christmas, so if things evolve further, logically, I should probably start to learn how to draw with my feet, and additionally get ready to be just very, very alone… (abandoned by my own limbs?)
(A car has been constantly honking for the last 15 minutes or so. The neighborhood is very thankful that there is a limit to the energy a car battery can supply as the sound went from a very loud G to a loud F.)
Things are most wonderful, really. I can not complain… hmm… or at least I should not…
Merry Christmas… this is a great day… It is, isn’t it?


i hope so...

Posted by: shauna on December 26, 2003 06:52 AM

I had a great day. It so lovely to spend it with friends and family.

Posted by: Sian on December 27, 2003 12:05 PM
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