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February 11, 2003
Subway series 44-45

Not all pages are equally dense or rich in detail or filled with real life observations. I was still at the library when drawing here. The ornaments are from a book about Japanese visual culture.
Looks like the rest of the little book does not have much to do with subways at all. I think the final pages are filled on the plane back to New York.
The original idea of the book was to draw in Subways and to draw images about the metropolitan underground, specifically in New York, of course. But even when physically in a packed train, the ideas were usually somewhere else.
The drawings here are just starting points of ideas. The little books are not a finished product, they are not a result, they are a start. I guess this is why it is easier for me to post them here. They are little pulls and pushes of the mind that might just amuse, maybe inspire to continue, to comment, to imagine.
The more I leave out, the more can still be added. It would be nice to just post an empty page, or maybe one with a very simple drawing sometimes and then to see how it evolves how it grows. And I do not mean Photoshop tennis, where the contestants try to outdo each other, more something of a game that would result into an unexpected journey, some exploration of ideas of a group.
I think I might do just that... as an experiment. Soon.


we're not in ny anymore toto

Posted by: super secret agent on February 11, 2003 01:59 AM

less is most of the time more. :) Lovely.
sign me up for the project if you are taking on folks.

Posted by: Vikki on February 11, 2003 09:25 AM

Been loving the sketchbook entries. Don't know if you know Dan Eldon's work, but if you don't you should look him up. He would add to books, and then slowly over time go back and forth between them adding, subtracting, modifying to move between time while still moving forward. It's an interesting way to work, and amazingly difficult, which makes his books all that more interesting. I definitely recommend trying leaving things loose, then returning to them at a later time - it's amazing the things you'll juxtapose together with the crutch of time.

Posted by: kiri on February 11, 2003 12:17 PM

Oh, yes, I definitely revisit drawings. Also, most of the drawings you see are building blocks for other work. It is all a large, ever growing organism. Absolutely. : )
Oh and DanEldon.org is really exciting. Thank you for the pointer. : )

Posted by: witold on February 11, 2003 12:38 PM

feels a bit like peter beard (i don't think he has a website, but he does have a beautiful gallery in soho.)

Posted by: k on February 11, 2003 03:37 PM
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