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February 03, 2003
Subway Series 24-25

Big and heavy and very addicted to oil. I recently looked at my atlas and looked at the largest importers and exporters of oil. On one side of the chart was Saudi Arabia with 7,840,000 Barrels of oil per day. (Iraq produces 210,000 per day, Kuwait 2,175,000.) On the other side of the infographic is the biggest barrel of them all, and it is an importer who sucks in 9,399,000 Barrels of Oil per day. I have no idea why I would draw a remote controlled SUV while riding on the train. Don't get me wrong, I have driven a Dodge Durango through northern california. I also have hit some pot holes here in the city where I wished my car were two stories high and had tires as big as a hot dog stand.
No I do not have a car. Have not had a car for seven years now. I like to take the subway. I love to walk.


speakin' of your subway series... [and i aint' talkin' 'bout dem sandwiches - nyuk nyuk nyuk]... i had an interesting experience with them the other night as i looked through the latest ones from your sketchbook.

first of all, your drawings have this whimsical, lyrical quality to them... a spontaneity and lightheartedness to your lines. i happened to have the amelie soundtrack plugged into my ears the other night and i must say, it totally transformed the experience from "good" to "WOW!". with your happy trains and exuberant skylines, i felt as though i was there too, takin' a little trip that reminded me of good things... to look at the world with wonder through a child's eyes... to find the joy in life in the simple things... to be the champion of the underdog... remember the forgotten ones, the invisible, the little people.

THANKS for the joyride.

Posted by: - s - on February 3, 2003 04:07 PM

thank you... ***
(you made my day.)


: )

Posted by: Witold on February 3, 2003 05:06 PM
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