June 02, 2002

I do not know what to write today. I am here on the bed in the bedroom with the Powerbook on my lap, and I do not know what to write. I put two batteries into the computer, it is nice and toasty, I have still 3:55 to go, with the display staring at me with its brightness. Outside is Broadway. The window is open and the sounds of the passing cars and the particles of conversations remind me that the city is thinking, talking, walking, living. 8Million parallel thoughts second after second. Some Brilliant, some a bit less than brilliant. Now that is quite a brainstorm, isn’t it? I somehow can not blog. I can not draw, I can not think straight. Will probably do something that stimulates the left side of my brain. How about some filing on this fantastic Sunday afternoon? It is time that I clean some of the electronics from under my bed. The collection of vintage think-pads is probably not the most inspiring one I could have started. But I just wanted to fix this one, this one old one. I ended up with three broken ones. (And a 486 upgrade!)
What am I talking about? Has the sun done something to me?, I only took a short walk down west-end avenue, down to 73rd street, where I used to live when I came here. Used to live in this 4th floor walkup. I had a deck. I could only enter the deck through a window in my Bedroom. My was so narrow that I could easily touch both walls. At the same time. This one broker had shown me apartments that were like this. The whole apartment was so narrow, I could have climbed up to the ceiling by just touching both walls at the same time. Maybe as Spiderman I could. Oh, yes, finally saw Spiderman. Wanted to do stay in the neighborhood, went to the theater on 100th street. It must have been a tiny Theater that was there long before the pictures moved. The addition for the projector was a clear ad on. The air conditioning was turned from stun to kill. The screen was tiny and very dirty. I felt like Spiderman, sticking to the floor. Great fun, great fun. Bloggersblock. Will now go and clean. I am an Earth Rooster. I am supposed to be really organized. I do not think I am. (But maybe this is part of the trick.)

Posted by Witold Riedel at June 02, 2002 05:52 PM

Sorry, I had a tough time finishing your posting because I got readingblock.

Posted by: sergio on June 2, 2002 09:09 PM

Sergio you're a sarky sod. Anyway, I often get Bloggerblock, actually it's pretty near permanent. I mean, the saying goes "quality not quantity" but I think one syllable is stretching it a bit?

Posted by: Sian on June 4, 2002 05:27 PM

Sian, you are obviously a True Brit. I had to look up some words...
sod: Chiefly British. n.
1.a. A sodomite. b. A person regarded as obnoxious or contemptible. c. A fellow; a guy.

Not quite sure about “sarky”, but I am sure it does not rhyme with “pretty”... ; )

Posted by: Witold on June 4, 2002 07:18 PM

I'm just glad you said Brit and not english!

Posted by: sian on June 5, 2002 04:39 PM
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