May 11, 2002
More images at the Jerry Phillips show

Almost forgot to post a second impression of the Jerry Phillips show at feature inc. The show has a different hanging now then when I saw it the first time, there seem to be more drawings, the hanging is more dense. The bird drawings did not seem as strong now as I remembered them, but probably only because of the excellence of the surrounding, more abstract works. Some of the drawings seem to be like slightly out of focus, over exposed photographs. Wires, grass, objects on the outskirts of daily perception. The exhibition was definitely worth a second visit. (will be worth a third and fourth.) The drawings are quite superb. We saw at least two visitors who did not only look at the drawings, but also looked around, to share their astonishment. A private conversation with great art that packs a real punch. I had the camera with me, yet again chose not to take pictures. The drawings are there, but they seem to disapear when looked at through the lens.
Not sure how many of the drawings are still available for sale. We were considering several, but could not quite decide. yet. (I have the feeling we will have to make that decision quickly. I would not be surprised if most of the pieces were already in bought up by collectors.)

Posted by Witold Riedel at May 11, 2002 11:10 PM
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