August 14, 2002
a fresh ride.

There was white plastic on the door handles of the crown victoria taxi today. There was this fresh car smell in it. And the AC was on and humming.
“How old is your car, sir?”
“Oh it is five days old”.
“I see that your medallion number has the letter B in it. So this is your car?, I mean this is not a fleet car, but your own?”
“Yeah it is. And it is an expensive one”
“How much do you pay for the medallion alone?”
“It is about $155,000.-, the fleet medallions are more expensive.”
“So you gotta to keep that car moving”
“Day and night. I drive during the day, my partner at night.”
“Thank you very much, drive safely.”

Posted by Witold Riedel at August 14, 2002 11:04 PM
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