June 07, 2002
two visitors last week

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Account number xxxxxxx, witoldriedel, had a total of 2 visitors last week.

Visitors for last week divided per weekday:
2002-05-31: 0
2002-06-01: 0
2002-06-02: 1
2002-06-03: 0
2002-06-04: 0
2002-06-05: 1
2002-06-06: 0

I feel like such a star. Thank you for coming by. : )
The counter has not been on my site for quite a while now, but it is still counting. But what is it counting exactly? It is not installed anywhere. The beauty of the internet. (It is obviously not an exact science after all.)

Posted by Witold Riedel at June 07, 2002 08:37 PM
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